Composed Improvisation M (2010)




For as many number of performers as possible. To be performed in a venue with no risers or separate stage space. Prepare a score that is the same size and shape as the floor of the concert venue. Use paper or fabric. In case of paper, let the movement of the audience upon it cause tears and rips. The score can be newly composed, or a “found score“ may be transcribed. Start writing on one side of the score. When the space is filled up, fold the score in half, and continue writing. And so forth until the score can not be folded anymore. The size of the notes should be modified accordingly in relation to the size of the given space. The performance starts with the score covering the entire floor of the venue. Performers must find a position/location from which they can read the entire score. Each performer may start playing as soon as s/he secures an adequate position. When all the performers finish playing the visible side of the score, the score is folded in half, and the performers reposition themselves accordingly and resume their playing. The piece ends when the score can be folded no further. Duration is not specified but performers should never dilly-dally.


ellen c. covito